Friday, 17 May 2013

Earnings for the first 2 weeks of May

Here are my earnings for the first 2 weeks of May. I got super busy so haven't been able to keep up with this little log sadly. I have updated my income for the last month on my total earnings page but I will try to keep updating this blog when I can.

Fiverr is going super well at the moment with my backlinking and proofreading jobs, so far for the month of May I have had 25 orders which has earned me $100, not bad for a part time pit of work on the side.

Hubpages is sadly falling by the wayside at the moment as I simply don't have time to write anything of my own but in all honesty it is still a nice little side earner. I haven't written anything in around 10 weeks sadly but the money continues to tick over. For the first 2 weeks in May I earned $11, not great but I have earned over $30 for the last 3 months in a row, not bad for not having written any new work really.

Squidoo is a total bust at the moment as well. I only have 3 earning lenses at this point in time so I am earning pennies a month. But if I ever find some time to work on some more articles I am sure I can get this up to a similar standard as my Hubpages, without having to have as many articles as I have on Hubpages. I have 2 accounts FancyThatUK and FancyThatUSA one promotes UK items and the other USA items.

My sales for this month so far only sit a £1.15, so I have £22.96 so far in the account - almost enough to actually make a payout! Yay! But no sales on my this month sadly, I have $25 exactly in the account so far and but need $100 before I can get a payout as I am in the UK! Hmmm so still a while off!

Adsense is a little all over the place at the moment as one minute there have been clicks and I have made money then the next day it's not there, very confusing! If it stays on track, this is set to be my best month to date with over £7 currently sitting in the account, but we shall have to wait and see what happens.

On the new site I have been looking into, Slicethepie, it actually seems like a pretty simple and legit way to make a little extra income on the side. I sat down for two 20 min stints and did a handful of quick reviews and made $2.69 - so I am not gonna get rich quick and this cant replace my day job or anything but to listen to a few bits of music and type a 250 word (ish) review it's pretty simple and I could easily do the odd few everyday and see this mounting up rather quickly. So for anyone who likes music and can string a few sentences together then Slice The Pie is a reasonable way to make an easy $10-$20 with just a little bit of work each week.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Back for May

I have literally been so busy working on my Fiverr gigs that I haven't had any time to keep a diary record on here, write any new blog posts on my craft or film blogs or write any articles for Squidoo or Hubpages! Which I feel really bad about but I had 92 orders over a 7 week period so it kept me super busy! But I have now updated my earnings tab on here so you can see how I did for the months of March and April. 

I made a great £320 in March, thanks to a few really large gigs and a few sponsored blog posts on my Daisy Dayz blog. Then April was less but still pretty decent overall with £108. I shall hopefully be able to start keeping a bit of a better record this month, but we shall see. I have joined a few new affiliate programmes although I have been having very little luck with any of them except the amazon for the last few months, but they are worth a go. 

I have also joined a site called Slice the Pie, which I heard of a while ago but had been told it was only for the US but it seems to be open to UK now. I will try it for a few weeks and see how it goes. You more or less get paid to listen to music tracks by unsigned bands and review them. Sounds decent although the pay is only a few cents a time, but it could easily be done in short little bursts every now and again and would probably add up quickly.

So that was just a quick update and I will add a proper post for the first week soon!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Round Up of February Earnings

Well February is over and done with, so it's time for another monthly earnings update. And I ain't done too shabby this month.

So here are the final totals for all the different income sources. 

I managed 4 new hubs this month all based around seasonal crafts/recipes, as they seemed to do so well over Christmas and around Valentines. Here they are for you to check out:
(see link for image source)

So my total for February for the ad programme and ebay clicks was $34.63

Didn't make the payout for anything in the tier system in February but hopefully I will be hitting it in March as a few of my lenses will finally have matured enough to qualify for a payment! It'll be a tiny payout (might not even make the $1 actually, but fingers crossed I might, but any earnings will be good really. I did make $0.31 via an sale though
I did make 2 new lens though

I made a great 35 sales this month, across all my different gigs. So I have been doing a lot of proofreading, editing and promoting. I will make around $140 once all the gigs clear.

With earnings coming from hub pages and the blogs it is still incredibly slow still! I fear I may never make any actually money via Adsense, I need to reach £60 to make a payout and so far I only have £5! Making just £1-£2 a month it'll take me years to get there. This month was a little low at only £1.12

Affiliate Sales
My sales have gone pretty well with a number of fancy dress items being sold through a Squidoo Lens on my personal link. I made 10 sales in total, and so far £6.55 in commission has cleared. My was a bit slower with just 1 low value sale, but 2 others cleared this month as well so made $2.24

2 little side bar ad sales made me £10. Not much but every little helps. I also had 3 little videos run throughout the month, which made me £1.30 via

Overall figures for February
  • Hubpages $34.63
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $140
  • Adsense £1.12
  • £6.55
  • $2.24
  • Blogging £11.30
Total earnings for February across all sources = $177.64 (£117.77 approx) + £18.97 = £136.74

Friday, 22 February 2013

21.02.13 - Third Weekly Round Up of February

Another week has sped by and this time I had hardly anytime for online work at all, rather disappointingly! Although I did have one large private client job instead which made up for the lack of online work I think. Although obviously it's only a one off payment rather than something that will continue to earn like a hub or lens.

But here are this weeks figures anyway

I managed to get up one new hub this week. Easter Card Making for Kids, which is an exclusive title so I am hoping for some decent results closer to the date. But it is currently still sitting in pending and has been for about 36 hours, which is very annoying.
Image credit in link

My views of my valentines hubs went really well up until the day but have obviously plummeted off since, One reached 10,000 views in a month, which I am so happy about, just goes to show how good a seasonal hub can be to your views and earnings. So I am now working on similar posts for the easter season. And will make a few Mothers Day craft ones, if I have time to get them out this week.

I literally just finished a new lens last night so i has only just gone live really. 2013 Ombre Dip Dye CLothing Trend: Where to buy, How to DIY and outfit Inspiration. I had seen a few other posts similar to this doing well on Squidoo so I thought I would put together one myself, it's not the type of post I like to do as it is very sales heavy and mainly just full of images, but I replicated a layout of one that is doing very well, to see if it would work. Fingers crossed as only time will tell.
Image credit in link

I did very well the first 2 weeks so I didn't expect the luck to continue, and it didn't, lol! I had 2 gigs this week, both for providing strong back links. The first was for a site called Bore Me which uploads daily videos on all sorts of subjects, often topical news, interesting technology and funny stuff. The Second was actually for a Wizzley Article all on learning to dance the waltz from online step by step videos and tutorials. A pretty good article actually, check it out: Learn to Dance the Waltz
These 2 added another $8 to my Fiverr sales for this month (see monthly total below)
Want to order any of my Fiverr gigs just click here.

It's told me I have now reached the threshold to decide how I want to be paid, so I am currently verifying my account. I am pretty sure I can't actually get any payment until I hit £60 though, which is miles and miles away! Be lucky if I hit it by the end of the year to be honest. Got a click on one of my blogs so made a little extra but it is still far too slow really.

Affiliate Sales
I actually made a sale on after over a year!!! Yay!!! And it wasn't just a few pennies either! It was a rather impressive £4.60 off 4 fancy dress costumes through my Where's Wally Fancy Dress Outfits Squidoo Lens. No sales this week though sadly

Well I'm still working on my Daily Craft Inspiration Blog, this blog and my regular Daisy Dayz blog. But my other 2 The Filmaholic Review and Less Waist More Taste have been pushed to the way side a little as I just haven't had time to write anything for them, I'm hoping to get back to regularly posting on all of them soon though

Figures for the month so far:
  • Hubpages $27.30 (up to the 20th, only cents off beating January's final earnings!!)
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $116
  • Adsense £1.01
  • Affiliate Sales £4.60
  • Affiliate Sales $2.24
  • Blogging £5
After the currency conversion I've made about £104. Obviously quite a lot of that is tied up in different sites for now though, but I will get it all eventually I hope.
I also just discovered Pay To Click sites, which look interesting but again a bit slow to make decent money, but I will have a go at them for a little while and get back to you on how it goes.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

14.02.13 - Second Weekly Round Up Of February

So thats a second week disappeared for Feb. I have a pretty busy week with my day job and some Fiverr gigs so haven't managed to do much other work online as this has taken up all my time. However I have been steadily making a nice amount of money which has made me pretty happy. Looks like I will easily beat January! So here is what I have been up to and how the figures are adding up.

I'm happy to say that thanks to a few Valentines Related hubs my earnings have been going really well.  I haven't actually written any hubs since last week, but the earnings have continued to climb.
My CPM is still a little on the low side, so I could have made more if my CPM was higher, but it is always up and down.

Well fiverr has been going seriously well! The first week I had 11 gigs and this second week I had another 16! 1 massive ebook proofreading job and 1 backlinking job. So this week is an awesome $64, not too shabby! 
You can see the book I edited on Amazon Kindle, it is called Frontline: A Soldier's Story by Alex Green

Affiliate Sales
Well I made another small sale this week, but they really aren't getting me anywhere fast sadly. I have to get to $100 before payout in the UK, I'm only at about $23, so a long way to go.

Gosh this is very slow to accumulate. I have it on Hubpages and my few blogs but they just aren't getting enough views to be making anything major at the moment.

I'm still not exactly keen on the whole tier system, but today is pay day and I think 1 or 2 of my lenses may actually be eligible but I'm not 100% sure! Plus not even 100% sure they will make anything anyway, but we shall wait and see. I am ahead being in the UK and assume it goes on US time so no idea when payments would go in anyway.
I did write 1 new lens this month though Great Pancake Moulds for Fun Pancakes, if you want to check it out, leave a comment and hit the like button, that would really help!

Figures for the month so far:
  • Hubpages $22.62
  • Fiverr $108
  • Affiliate Sales $2.24
  • Adsense £0.92
  • Squidoo $0.31
As you can see I have already succeeded in surpassing my £62.67 earnings for January, thanks to the rather awesome $108 on Fiverr, and that's after only 2 weeks! So pleased! Looking at around £85 after currency conversion so far.
Also still managing a few private client jobs as well, so this months earnings should be really good.

Friday, 8 February 2013

07.02.13 - First Weekly Round Up of February

Well the first week of Feb has disappeared in a blur of work in my day job. I am working a long stretch of overtime shifts so my online work has had to sit on the back burner for a while. But that doesn't mean I have stopped completely. Here is what I have been up to this first week of February.

Hubpages has been doing really well this first week of Feb, thanks to a few Valentines Themed Lenses that I have. I know they say evergreen all year round hubs are the best to have, but the seasonal ones have been doing me so proud recently that I really think I will be spending some more time on targetting the holiday seasons throughout the year. Earnings up to the 7th have cleared so far, and they sit at (what I feel is a decently impressive $11.20 - which is the most I have made in 1 week since Christmas week. I'm still a little peeved though as the earnings could have been so much better if my CPM rate hadn't been so low. Decembers CPM average was $4.40, January's was only $2.95 and this months isn't looking any better, I am getting more views than last year but earning less because of the CPM rate. Highly annoying! Ah well, I suppose there is little I can do about than keep working and building my hubs. I have one new hub up - Great Pancake Recipes which i only just posted, so waiting to see how long it will take to get featured, then hope I'm in time to catch some of the Pancake Day rush.

I decided to have a bit of a clear out this week, and unpublish my idle hubs until I either have more time to work on them, to improve them or decide if I want to let them go. They had gone idle due to lack of views so I am not losing any earnings from losing their impressions luckily.

This is the same as always, slow! Just the off few pennies dripping in every day. At about £0.33 for the week so far, which is a little rubbish really, need the odd click to make it worth while. As Adsense won't actually pay out until you reach about £60 I think, there is a long way to go - currently at about £5, lol! So I don't really expect to be making any substantial money off adsense and I just might make a payout by the end of the year.

I have had a fairly decent week on Fiverr with 11 gigs being ordered across my different gig options for this first week of January. A few were backlinking, others were proofing and re-writing jobs. So that equals $44 before paypal fees.

Affiliate Sales
I have had 2 sales (not including the one on Squidoo) bringing me a total of $1.90 so far for the month. I haven't made any other Affiliate Sales this month yet.

I think I actually made an amazon sale on Squidoo this week - a little $0.31 appeared next to my Where's Wally Costumes lens, so that is my first bit of money to be made on Squidoo. I'm still not 100% on the workings of Squidoo so I'm not sure if I will be seeing any royalties added this month on the 15th or next month, but hopefully as a few of my lenses have stayed below the 80,000 ranking I should make something from the ad revenue tier system. I don't think it will be a lot by it will be a few cent I'm hoping! I still rather the Hubpages system but so many people seem to say once you have a decent amoun of lenses up on Squidoo it is easier to make more money than on Hubpages, but I am still waiting to see that.

I am working on a new lens about pancake molds which shuuld be ready in a few days so I will post the link when it is sorted.

I sold a side bar ad for March already and have been paid for it. So that is another £5 from the blogging. I have 2 more lined up but they have yet to confirm and pay. My Daily Craft Inspiration blog is going decently, although I haven't made a penny off it yet and no followers, it does get a handful of views everyday and I've only been doing it 1 week.

As my film reviews nearly all got idled on Hubpages I decided to move them all to their own blog - so The Filmaholic Review was born. This is more a project of love than an actually online money making idea as I have set myself the task of reviewing every single DVD we (me and the husband) own, standing at around 650 DVD's it could take me years, and that list is always growing. I love films so much and reviewing them has always been a bit of a passion (and a dream idea!) so I started doing the odd one, but have decided to focus on it a little more now with the dedicated blog. I mean I may make a little from adsense or affiliate sale, as I have linked to Amazon at the end of each of them, but I am not expecting to make much from it really.

So that is everything I have managed to get done.
Figures are sitting at:
  • Hubpages $7.92
  • Adsense £0.33
  • Squidoo $0.31
  • Fiverr $44
  • Blogging £5
  • Affiliate Sales $1.90
I'm hoping to improve on last months earnings online this month (not including my private client work) so I need to make around £62.67. Which after seeing the first weeks worth of earning I think is easily do-able! After conversions my first weeks income is around £39.79 - so over half way towards last months entire earnings, that is mainly due to a nice batch of Fiverr gigs in my first week. Sadly I can't rely on Fiverr gigs as they are sporadic in coming in and you never know how many you will get. But if I get some more I will be able to pass my January income easily - which means more money in our savings account!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Round up of January Earnings

So that is January over and done with. And I think I have had a fairly productive month, earnings are ok, steadily increasing in comparison to last years, so all is goning well in my books.

Well here are the finally tally's from each of my Online Income sources for the month of January.

I have posted 4 new articles over the month. All with a Valentines Craft theme to them. The latest one is Handmade Card Ideas for Valentines Day, which I only posted 2 days ago. They are already doing really well, after some backlinking they have been picked up by search engines, so that is helping to send traffic my way. Obviously this will only last until Valentines Day but in the mean time, they are making me some nice earnings.
(see link for source)
The final earnings sit at around $27.74

I had just 1 gig this month. I don't get a lot of work on Gigbucks really, most my mini-job work comes from Fiverr, but I did one re-write job from there. So that is $4 in earnings

Very much the same as Gigbucks, I don't get many sales on FiveSquids but I got one this month for a re-write job, so that gained me another £4

Fiverr has been quite productive again this week. Actually been a quite productive month in total. I had 3 gigs up to last week and this final week in January I had 2 more backlinking ones (which are complete) and 2 proofreading ones (which I'm working on) one of which was actually worth 6 gigs. So in total that has earned me $48 this month. Not too shabby!

From my hubpages views and blog views Adsense earnings have reached £2.39 this month. But I have just added another blog to my adsense which I hope will help boost those pennies even more through February. Daily Craft Inspiration - will be daily pictures and links to all sorts of craft tutorials, inspirations and materials. I am hoping as craft and DIY are currently so popular I will be able to get a lot of hits from google, which will add to my adsense earnings.

Affiliate Sales
Well I'm actually a little disappointed with these. I only made $1.26 all month with and not a penny with but sales there have always been few and far between 

I have been able to join a few more Affiliate programmes this week so I am hoping that may occassionally turn into a sale in the coming months, but nothing yet, always seem to get lots of click throughs, but no one actually buying anything. I have on the other-hand managed to sell 1 side bar ad for Feb (and a few lined up for march) So that was £5. Plus I have an ebuzzing campaign video running (I won't include this figure yet as it is ongoing. But it is up to £1 from the first day)
(See link for source)

Sadly my store has had to go on stand still for a while as I have been too busy with the day job and all my online writing work to actually make anything to sell.

The same goes for our Zazzle Store. There are a few items up, but not as many as we plan and we haven't been able to promote much yet.

My squidoo accounts are both to new to earn me any mony for this month, and as far as I can work out I wont actually see any earnings until March - so it's just a bit of a waiting game. But if you want to see what I have written so far you can find them here: Fancy That UK - all about party, seasonal and fancy dress items for the UK market. Fancy That USA - all about Fancy Fress Costumes and Props and Fun Party Supplies Avaliable in the USA

Overall Figures For January
  • Hubpages $27.74
  • Gigbucks $4
  • FiveSquids £4
  • Fiverr $48
  • Adsense £2.39
  • Affiliate Sales $1.26
  • Blogging £5
Total for January earnings across all sources = $80.94 (£51.28 approx) & £11.39 = £62.67

I will also say the internet has allowed me to find 2 private clients, which has earned me an extra £55 this month as well.

Bringing my online earnings (in £ after conversion rates) to approx £117.67

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

21.01.13 - My Third Weekly Round Up of January

Week 3 has gone by in the blink of an eye, and I have actually been away all week so have done very little work online, not even much networking and backlinking. So here is all I have done:

This is another of the micro job sites I am a member of, just like Fiverr. To be honest I have been on here just as long as I have on Fiverr and have only done 3 jobs in total! I had a rewrite job on Gigbucks this week so that is $4 in the kitty for January.

I haven't added any new Hubs since last week yet, but I will say that my Valentines ones are doing pretty well on views this week and have thankfully given me a few days with a decent earning compare to my $0.50 a day of last week. Here are the 3 Valentines Hubs I have running currently:

Again no time to write any new lenses, but I have been working on a new Children's Colouring page one, which I will hopefully finish and get out this week coming, seeing as Valentines Day is fast approaching.

I haven't done any blogging on my Less Waist More Taste blog as the diet was off whilst we were away. But I'm always posting on my Daisy Dayz Lifestyle Blog and I am now on the look out for official sponsors. I have had a bit of interest so far so hopefully will be able to sell a few spaces by next month!

Affiliate Sales
Nothing extra on or this week sadly, but I have been accepted to a few new Affiliate Sales Programmes on Affiliate Window, so I will be adding some posts linking to them on my blog over the next few weeks. All are fashion based - sadly I have had absolutely no sales in the past with Affiliate Window but I haven't pushed them at all, I intend this year to be a little different!

We have added a few more items and designs to our Zazzle Store though so I would love it if you checked us out Cross-Jones Photo Zazzle Store. Only had 1 little postcard sale at the end of last year, but are now looking at building a bigger shop and actually trying to promote it.
This is our Reed Flute Caves iPad Sleeve from a photo we took in China.

So there you have all of this 3rd week of Januarys work, not hugely active but here are the figures so far for the month:
  • $16.90 on Hubpages (up to the 20th)- this is only an estimate  but it is pretty decent I think
  • $12 on Fiverr
  • £4 on Fivesquids
  • $1.26 on
  • $4 on Gigbucks
  • $1.75 on Adsense for the month so far!
The figures are all looking pretty decent to be honest - I have actually been contacted for a few private freelance jobs too although for now I will not be including these as I don't really class them as Online Income, more just a job.

So how is everyone else doing on the Online Income front? Anyone got any tips they would like to share on where to earn money online, or increase current figures?

Friday, 18 January 2013

14.01.13 - The Second Weekly round up of January

Ok so this is a bit late being posted, but I am currently away so thought it would be easier to do a weekly round up than try to post all the things I have been up to. Even though I am away it hasn't stopped me getting some work done. 

I finally finished the epic 50 Fancy Dress Costumes Beginning with A lens that I had been working on all of last week. And over the last few days it has slowly been working it's way up the lens rank, it's currently sitting at 76,954. Sadly the other 2 of my lenses on my FancyThatUSA account have slipped down the ranks - keeping lenses well ranked is going to be the biggest challenge I think. Having them slip out of the top 80,000 before the end of the month means it will be harder to get them in to a paying tier ranking for January.
On my FancyThatUK account I have started work on a new lens about Free Downloadable Colouring Pages for Valentines Day Fun. My Where's Wally Costume Lens is still doing pretty well here, unlike my US version of it, but my New Years Eve Decorations Lens has slipped out of the ranking, which is only expected now that New Year has passed.

I don't like not being able to see my earnings for a minimum of 60 days on Squidoo, I much rather Hubpages system of seeing my earnings after 24 hours. It's hard to keep motivated when your not seeing any financial gains up front - none at all, even the pennies on Hubpages in the start was fun to see.

I have only had time to get one Hub sorted this week, although I have about 6 all in different stages of completion. I am aiming to get up a few more Valentines Day based hubs this week though, as the date is just a few weeks away and the 2 I already have up are doing pretty well already. So the hub I managed to finish this week was Great Valentines Day DIY Craft Ideas for your Home. Seasonal hubs may not get hits all year round but they get a huge boost around their season which is great for getting you some new readers. 
For some reason I have been getting lots of new followers this week, going from 256 to 326 in just a few days! Hopefully this will help get my hubs viewed and shared a bit more.

For both the Hubpages Hubs and Squidoo Lenses I have done my usual back links on twitter, facebook and pintrest - but a little bit of an interesting thing I noticed was that my Valentines Day Crafts for Kids  has actually been re pinned over 400 time!! Mental! So hopefully this will get me more views over the next few weeks, when we get closer to Valentines Day itself and people need to start making things.

I have only done 1 Fiverr gig this week, a bit of backlinking for a PPI Reclaims company called Allegiant Financial Services

I also did a Fivesquids gig this week though. Fivesquids is a british version of Fiverr, so instead of being $5 it is £5 per gig. I rewrote the landing/about me page for a reflexologist in the Marlow Area of the UK. Clare Cogan Reflexologist and Maternity Reflexologist.

Obviously I have this blogging which is slowly ticking over with the views but I haven't really had a lot of time to promote it yet. My Alternate Day Diet Blog - Less Waist More Taste is also going well, actually better than this one so far.

I have also just sorted a Sponsorship page for my Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - Daisy Dayz. Which will hopefully start to bring me in a few official sponsors, and some more money!

Affiliate Sales
I have managed to sell 4 small items via in the last week, not sure if it was via, hubpages, squidoo or my blog but they have made me $1.26 commission. Not a lot I know but as I have to reach $100 before a payout in the UK, every little helps! I know have $21.71 in there so I am getting there slowly.

So there you have the wrap up of my second week of the year.
Figures so far this month are sitting at 
  • £1.48 for adsense - a big increase on last week thanks to 1 little click!
  • $10.30 on Hubpages - this is only an estimate. I'm not too happy as my earnings dropped below the $0.50 a day mark for a few days when they really shouldn't have.
  • $12 on Fiverr
  • £4 on Fivesquids
  • $1.26 from
So week 2 was pretty similar to week 1 lets hope week 3 will keep on the same thread and I should make a decent amount by the end of January.

If weekly round ups work better I may just do it this way every week as I don't always have time to post daily.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

09.01.13 - An Epic Squidoo Lens

We were busy for the majority of today, I was out collecting supplies for my little online craft shop, and 'spring' cleaning our bedroom. But I got straight to work as soon as we got home. 


 I thought I would dedicate my evening to finishing off the Squidoo Lens I have been working at for a few days now. Decided I really shouldn't be spending any more time on it, and I just needed to focus and get it finished! So it could at least start getting views and hopefully start earning me money. And I am happy to say that after a few more hours it is all done! Hooray! So you can check it out here - 50 Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. Please take a look and let me know your think!

I am a little annoyed that my hubpages earnings have plummeted quite so badly since the festive season, as it is currently lower then it was in November! And I have still got the hubs that were up before that date plus a few I have posted since then too. But I just can't seem to get my hits up to a reasonable amount to make a good daily pay from the Hubpages programme. I had calculated that if I was running at the same figures as November I would be able to make payout every 3 months, not great but at least it was a payout, at the moment it's looking like at least 4 months, not a happy bunny! Ah well all I can do it keep posting Hubs and hope the views pick up a little. Maybe it's another Google update that's hitting me and it will recover at some point.

Apart from our days jobs, and our effort to make money online we (my hubby and I) also have a small photography business. I know this isn't money we earned online but I thought I would share it with you anyway. We were out this week on a shoot with a local band called Smoking Aces. You can check out the whole set on our webpage Cross Jones Photography. We have thought about trying to make more money online selling stock images but we have yet to find the right website for us. Any tips in this field will be greatly appreciated. We are already on Zazzle and just taking some time to build our shop up. I will add updates on the Zazzle store when we start working on it some more.

So another post up on the Less Waist More Taste Diet blog I have. It is another daily 'What We Ate Post' featuring pictures of my Sausage Apple Pot for the Slow Cooker. I will be adding the recipe for it to Hubpages then linking it into the blog, to create a solid back link for it.

So that is all for today. Back in the day job tomorrow so probably will get very little online work done at all.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

08.01.13 - Hubbing Good Recipes

I have been in my day job nearly all of today so haven't really had a huge amount of time to do much work online. But I still got a little done, as I said I would try to everyday.

The main thing I have done today is do some networking in the blog world. I have been visiting other bloggers and leaving nice comments, and following blogs. Plus sorting out my Google+ profile and starting to find and follow people I know on there. I have already spent so much time doing this for my personal fashion blog - Daisy Dayz, but this is linked to a different email and Google+ account so I am having to work at it all again. At least I know what I am doing and that it really does work, and I know how important it is to network with other bloggers as they make up a large percentage of your regular readers. I have been focusing on Diet and Healthy Living Blogs to help bring views to my Less Waist More Taste Diet Blog.

I managed to get up a new recipe post today - Honey, Mustard and Marmalade Glazed Ham. It is a seriously yummy recipe that is great for the festive season, but will be good all year round. It is especially great for family parties or large gatherings. Just let it chill, slice it and serve with a pile of salad, new potatoes and crispy fresh bread rolls. Plus I did the usual back links for this new hub too. I'm feeling a bit at a loss with Hubpages at the moment. Since the Christmas peek on views they have totally plummeted again, barley scrapping in $0.70 a day where as I was clearing at least $1 everyday in the 2 weeks before Christmas and the week after. So I am hoping if I start putting up hubs frequently again the views will pick back up, but who knows.

Spent the last part of my evening working on that bumper Squidoo Lens - 50 Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. It is going to be a mega Lens, I just hope all the effort I am putting in is worth it. It is nearly finished, so hopefully if I get some time tomorrow I will be able to complete it and post it live. I want to do the whole Alphabet but after the amount of work this one has taken I am a little worried that it will take to long, so think I will be making other lenses in between each of the letters. They are very comprehensive with lots of different things, so I hope they will be popular and pick up a few search engine hits.

That is all for today. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

07.01.13 - Selling services on Mini Job Sites

I've not done a huge amount of work online today, but I managed to get in a little bit this evening.

Allegiant Finance Services - A PPI Reclaims company in the UK orderer one of my gigs for back links on Fiverr, so I spent a bit of time sorting that. Then a bit of time refreshing and reposting my other Fiverr Gigs in the hope of getting some new orders.

I have been spent most of my evening working on building stock for my etsy store - Daisy Dayz Emporium - which I hope to have fully stocked and ready to launch properly on the 1st of February.

I have posted another food blog post on my diet blog - Less Waist More Taste. It was an Up Day on our Alternate Day Diet so we were able to eat normally and went for a meal at Miller & Carter Steak and Grill House in Cardiff Bay

That is all for today I hope to be back to writing some things tomorrow

Monday, 7 January 2013

The First Weekly round up of January

As the first week of January has pretty much passed in a blur. And I didn't actually get the blog up and running till a few days ago, I figured I should roll the whole of the first week into 1 post. So this is what I have been up to this first week.

I wrote an article all about Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costumes. Where you can buy Where's Wally and Where's Wenda Fancy Dress Costumes. All the props you will need for Where's Wally Outfits and links to Where's Wally and Where's Waldo websites and Free Online Games. I wrote one for the US market and one for the UK market. Here are the links to these articles if you would like to check them out: Where's Wally Costumes for Adults and Where's Waldo Costumes for Adults. I also did a fair amount of back-linking for these too, on places like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Stumbled. I also linked them to each other, to help make some back links and a little circle of information.

I also made a big start on a new Lens for my US Account - Fancy That USA - It's going to be 50 Fancy Dress Outfit Ideas Beginning with the Letter A. It's almost done, so I should be able to post it live next week. 

I finished off and posted 4 hubs in the last week:
The Complete Works of DaisyDayz - Which is a library/database of all of my Hubpages articles,  listed under their relevant topic. This serves a few purposes; firstly it makes it easier for my reader and followers to find a specific article or to look for something that might interest them. But it also works as a back link to all of my articles too, which is very helpful.

DaisyDayz Loves to Cook - It is essentially the same as the Complete Works post but only for all my Hubbed recipes, I realised I had so many of them on Hubpages it would be easier for them to have their own dedicated page. Again this also works as a back link to all of my recipe hubs.

I like to get a head start on the big seasons so thought I would start working on Valentines Day articles. 

Simple Valentines Day Crafts for Children - This one is pretty much self explanatory. This is an article all about Valentines Day Crafts that Children can make and give to their friends on Valentines Day. Great easy and cheap kids crafts where they can make valentines cards, valentines lollipop butterflies, love bugs and a few other things.

Romantic Valentines Day Food Recipes - This post has some great Valentines Day Recipes for couples. I have featured links to Heart Pancake Recipes, Heart Shaped Ravioli Recipes, Heart Shaped Pizza Recipes and a Cupcake Recipe with hearts backed into the centre. Enough recipes to get you through a whole day of Romantic Food for two.

Again I have back linked all the hubs on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and a few other sites.

I did 2 gigs this week, proofreading gambling site reviews:
  • Spin Palace Review
  • Unibet Review
  • Expekt Review
  • Paddy Power Review
  • 888 Casino Review
  • Dash Casino Review

Other than this new blog, me and my husband also started a diet blog to track our alternate day diet, what we are eating on the 5/2 diet, diet and health eating recipes we are cooking and reviews of Diet meals and snacks. We hope this may help us earn a little more on adsense. It's called Less Waist More Taste, and we aim to update it daily with what we are eating, so it is a food diary.

Think that is a pretty thorough update of this first week in 2013.
Figures are sitting at:
  •  £0.17 for adsense
  • $4.10 on hubpages - this is only a estimation though
  • $8 on Fiverr
Let's hope next week is just as productive.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Online Income Work before 2013

So as this is my first official post on this blog I figured I should get you up to date as to where I already am, in regards to my Pursuit of an Online Income. If you want to know more about me, why I am writing this blog and what my aim is then, check out the About Me post.

So this is where I currently stand.

Hubpages: I have spent the last 9 months working on my hubpages account, and have built up, what I feel is a rather impressive 104 hubs! You can see my account here, with all my articles. In December I made enough revenue to pass the payment threshold of $50 for the first time, so now I am waiting for my first payout to see exactly how much I get. But my diary will be working from the start of 2013 so I won't count the 2012 money. Although obviously that fact that I have already put in 9 months of work will make it easier to make money a little quicker in 2013. Sadly my views took a nose dive after Christmas, but they are sitting steadily around 300 a day at the moment. So my aim is to first try and hit around 1000 views a day regularly.

Squidoo: Now Squidoo is a bit different I have only been writing on there for about 3 weeks. As there isn't really a payout threshold, $1, I actually have 2 accounts, as I don't have to worry so much about accumulating enough for a payout. - FancyThatUK and FancyThatUSA - they primarily have the same things on them but one is for the UK market whilst the other is the US market, pretty obvious I suppose! I have 4 lenses in total. They are going to be niche sites based around party supplies and fancy dress ideas, and I am hoping to use them to make Affiliate sales, rather than relying on Ad revenue as the Squidoo Tier system is very difficult. So as of now I have made nothing on there, I also won't find out if I have made anything for around 2-3 months, due to the delay on it.

Fiverr - I have also been here for 9 months, mainly offering proofreading, copywriting and editing jobs. I have the odd bit of success when I get large orders and to date have cashed out $526 (£324), not bad really. I have actually done 4 gigs since the start of 2013, which comes to $16 (£9.84) so they are my first official online income for 2013. 

Affiliate Sales: I work mainly with Amazon on Hubpages and Squidoo, and occasionally on my own blog. But sometimes I use other affiliate sites too although I have yet to make anything from other sites. My account is currently sitting at £8.96 although I haven't made any sales in over a year, so a little worried about that. My account is at $20.45 and I have made all of that in 3 months via Hubpages. So I hold out hope for making some money via that this year.

Well I think that is everything at the moment. I will now be updating this blog, hopefully everyday, with the work I am doing to help build a little more online income or towards my residual income.