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So a little about me. I'm Chantele, I'm 25 and I live in Cardiff, Wales. Well I'm just the same as millions of other people in the world, in the fact that I have turned to the internet in the hope of making some extra money, or even a full time income one day. I love to write, actually it's what I've been trying to do in the real world for the past 3 years - I'm a journalist - so I hope to be able to earn money online from my writing and a few other opportunities.

This is me! I'm a long time fashion and lifestyle blogger anyway (you can find my blog in the Find Me tab) so I know my way around a lot of the internet already, but I have never really tried to make money from my blog before, I just made the odd text link sale, but nothing major.

The internet has opened so many more doors and possibilities for people to make money from their home, and really make their lives far more flexible for themselves. This is what I want, I want the flexibility of building an online income around my daily life, to allow me more freedom with my time. Although I don't have children yet, I am married and I expect we will in the foreseeable future so I am hoping earning an online income will allow me to be able to stay at home with my children and still earn a living. I don't expect to make millions but I want to at least be able to contribute towards our household costs and not expect my husband to cover everything.

So this is what the internet has to offer, in terms of Online Income Making Possibilities. None of these are get rich quick, they all require work, and lots of it. But the point is that you build a business that works for you and allows you freedom of time and control in what you do. They are all genuine work from home jobs:

Now I love the idea of passive or residual income - the idea that you do a certain amount of work upfront that then continues to pay you for the future/duration of it online. These are things like online article writing sites, websites and occasionally blogs (although these usually need regular updates) where you will earn a share of ad sales based on views or clicks. This is usually linked with Google Adsense, but there are other schemes out there. The main thing with this is that it does require a lot of work upfront that people tend not to think about, you need a very large collection of articles or webpages to make a good return - or some way to send thousands of people to your site everyday, and this can take time - but it is possible.

Then you have affiliate sales - these can also be residual as they will often come from websites or articles written online. These can continue to have sales as long as the item is available. You just need to join Affiliate Programmes with online shops you think you will be able to promote the items of - Amazon and Ebay are the most popular, but there are hundreds of others in every field imaginable. You promote the item, however you wish, and make a small percent of commission from every sale.

Online Jobs - These come in a number of different forms: 
  • Paid Surveys - you will receive credit or a cash amount for each survey you complete on certain sites. Problem is that they take lots of surveys to ever make much money.  
  • Mini Jobs - sites like Fiverr, where you offer your services for almost any job for as little as Five Dollars - these are usually web based jobs ranging from design work to writing and video production - but there are hundreds of other options too. These may only pay $5 but they usually won't take a lot of time, so the money can accumulate quickly, but they are one off fees.
  • Freelancing - There are hundreds of freelancing jobs on offer, it's just a matter of finding them. Often online sites require you to bid for jobs, meaning the customer then choses who they wish to work with out of a group of candidates - this means actually gaining contracts can sometimes be difficult, but if you win one you could have a longterm contract which will pay monthly or make repeat purchases. Pay on these can also be high depending on the level of work involved.
  • Sales - Running an online store is another way to make direct sales, either selling second hand items on places like eBay and Gumtree or running your own craft store on Etsy or Folksy. Obviously these require some input and work, and will be one off sales, but they can be high value or constantly bring in a small stream of money
I wil be focusing mainly on Online Article Sites, Blogs and Mini Job Sites. But will also be attempting to start an Online Store for my crafts. I work a part time job already so will only be able to put a little time in on my work online but I usually do a little everyday. I assume most people who are trying to make an online earning are also only part time as well, as until the online earnings take off you still need to pay your living costs.

This blog is intended to help track my earnings, and the work I am doing online everyday in the hope of building my online income and my residual income. I hope to give others tips on where they can earn an online income and help them to increase their income by learning from my own pursuit of an online income. I will be doing a little everyday from writing to SEO work and back linking, networking to research. I will share it all on here, and as the year progresses hopefully I shall build enough work to make a decent part time living.

If you wish to find me online just check the tab above or if you have any questions or comment please feel free to contact me.

I hope you all the best of luck in your online endeavours and I hope to get to know a few other online workers along the way!


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